Thursday, July 30, 2009


Liesa Card, author of "I Dare You to Eat It", has another great idea:

"So here’s the challenge. Beyond chatting about provident living tips and recipes, I invite you, and every single one of you, to please help someone else get started on designing and building their food storage. Just look around. Think about your family, friends, and neighbors. Pray for inspiration and then start offering to assist others in their steps towards preparedness.

And here are the rules:

1. Everything counts. You could take someone to the cannery and just be an extra set of hands. Teach others how to cook with food storage. Or, simply help them purchase their food storage online. Create opportunities and pay it forward.

2. Share your story. Long or short, and everything in between, I hope you’ll TELL your story of action taken and contribute to an endless variety of good ideas. If you think this tell-a-thon idea has merit, please teeeeeeell others and invite them to join us.

3. Don’t get discouraged. I get turned down all the time. If you are sincere about helping, and stay focused, I bet you’ll find success.

Now we have to have a poster child, or two. Meet Luke and Candee.

We’ve only gotten to know each other during the last few months but when we invited them to eat dinner at our house, Candee told us that she wanted to get going on her food storage. (!) We casually offered to help…and desperately hoped that they would give us the chance.

A few weeks went by and then Candee mentioned it to me again. (This almost never happens.) I repeated my original offer and encouraged her to choose the date and time. About a week later, the four of us met at the cannery right after work and knocked out sixteen cases of food storage, 6 for them and 10 for us, in just over one hour. And we had fun! I was so happy for this young couple as they loaded their small car and drove home with 25% of their long-term storage done. I don’t think they have tons of extra money, and I know they don’t have any extra space, but they made it happen. That’s very cool.

A couple of things I learned, again, from this experience with Luke and Candee: Having your own food storage brings peace. That’s wonderful. Helping others with their food storage brings JOY, and that’s even better. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Liesa, out"



ejemory said...

I give a couple of cases of canned goods, a starter kit and a case of oats, along with recipes for using the items for wedding gifts. Unusual, but usually appreciated. I also offer to work with the couple to teach breadmaking or noodle-making.

K P said...

What a great idea! Hooray for you ejemory!!!