Wednesday, June 17, 2009

THANK YOU Liesa Card!!!

If you were unable to attend last night's Enrichment night, you missed out on a wonderful evening. Guest speaker Liesa Card, author of "I Dare You to Eat It", shared her wisdom and wit with those able to attend. What a talented woman!

THANK YOU to these cute ladies - Melanie, Britney, Julie, and Darlene, and Janet - for beginning the evening with "The Family Preparedness Song."

And a big THANK YOU for all the time and amazing efforts of dear Donna and Janice and their committee for all the planning and preparation to make the evening so enjoyable! THANK YOU to those who brought food and to all who attended! I feel each of us came away better informed and inspired to do something(s) about building and using our food storage.

I've been motivated to plan 30-days of meals my family will eat using basic food storage and store the printed recipes in plastic sheets in a binder. That's not all, but it's what I'm going to begin with.

I highly recommend her book "I Dare You to Eat It"! In it she shares a simplified approach to the whole food storage concept and makes it more manageable for everyone. Along with her helpful ideas are quotes from wise leaders, personal stories, delicious recipes, and her heartfelt testimony.

THANK YOU for sharing your time, wisdom, and testimony Liesa!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh...looks like you had so much fun! I sure would have liked to attend.

Liesa is a fun gal! She has the best sense of humor.:)


K P said...

It was fun and would have even been better if you were able to make it. :)

I agree with you that Liesa is a fun gal and has the best sense of humor!\

Have you been able to read her book yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy:)

I'm waiting for Liesa's book from They have been "temporarily" out of stock since March. I think, I might cancel my order and purchase somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

How fabulous!! I am so sad I couldn't be there. It looks like it was so fun! She's such an amazing person with some great ideas.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, thanks for inviting me to your Enrichment Night. Liesa had some really great ideas that I can use as someone who cooks for one. I'll have to get her book with all her recipes. They sound really good.