Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Family Preparedness Song

A friend of mine shared this with me today (from her sister's ward.) Thanks SheriLynn! :)

Tune: Did You Think to Pray? Hymn #140

Ere you spent your family's paycheck,
Did you think to save?
Just a little for the storage,
Just a little for the porridge
When the Times are grave,
Oh, how storage helps the faithful
When the Prophet's words we heed,
So, if you would not be Fearful,
Plan what you will need.

When your neighbor tried to teach you
How to can and sew,
Did you feel in-ti-mi-da-ted
And your plans pro-cras-tin-a-ted?
Now you're feeling low!
Oh, how empty are the cupboards,
Oh, how ragged are your clothes.
How you'll wish that you had listened
When the "good life" goes.

Wheat and beans and salt and honey
May not sound so hot.
But if you are going hungry,
If your tummy's cold and grumbly,
They can hit the spot.
Store some diapers for the kiddies,
Everything to see you through;
Cloth and patterns, thread and needles.
Store some long Johns, too.

If this topic's repetitious
And you're dull and bored,
When you've naught but empty dishes
And you've used up all your wishes,
You'll wish you had stored...
Food that's tasty and nutritious,
Cloths and bedding, tools and seeds,
Skills that guard your family's future
Gather what you'll need.


Anonymous said...

perfect poem! I am so going to use this for our ward. :) Too bad it's anonymous, I'd love to give the writer credit. - Linda

Katerina said...

This is great! Thanks for posting it even though it's anonymous. It makes it easier to copy and share, which I will do in our ward for sure. Thanks!

K P said...

Thanks! I'm working on identifying the author. :)

Jenn said...

The first place I saw it was in response to some ideas I had. It was posted here:

Anonymous said...

I would like to let each of you know who wrote this...I will have to look in my files for the exact date but my dear Aunt Pearl H. Conrad from Taber, Alberta Canada did many years ago. I have an original copy of this.
If I remember right there might be a couple more verses to it however!!! May she rest in peace knowing that this song is being used worldwide.