Sunday, February 8, 2009

About Rolled Oats

"Oats are an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium. Both old-fashioned and quick oats have the same nutritional benefits: no preservatives, artificial ingredients, salt, or sugar.

Before oats are hulled they are dried and toasted. Drying keeps them fresh-tasting longer, toasting gives a nutty flavor. A few oats get over-toasted and darken during the process.

Next the hulls are removed leaving the oat groat. The groats are left whole for old-fashioned or cut into smaller pieces for quick oats. Instant oatmeal is cut into even smaller pieces and processed so no cooking is needed...just boiling water. The groats are steamed to soften, then rolled or "flaked” into desired thickness. The oats are then cooled and screened for consistent quality.

A flavorful breakfast cereal, they are also a popular addition to cookies, meatloaf and other foods. Store at room temperature or below."

(Source: "Food Storage Recipes - Using only the ingredients contained in the One-Month Basic Food Storage Kit", pg. 18)

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