Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Corner Water Storage Containers

Discovered a new product today at Honeyville Grain. Check out these new 30-gallon Corner Water Storage Containers. Are they cool or what?!

They are taller and skinnier than the standard blue water storage containers and take less floor space to store. These would fit nicely in the corner of a closet or the corner of any room.

Each one has a place near the bottom of the container where you can attach a hose and easily drain the water. They also have a place to attach a spigot about two feet up from the base so you can easily fill a smaller container. At the top of the container is an opening with a lid where you fill the container with water. I believe they come in there different colors: natural, granite, and ?

I tried looking for them on their website, but was unable to find them. The product may be too new to be showing up as of yet. You can try calling them at (888)810-3212 for more information.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are really cool! I've been looking for something that would hold a fair bit of water without taking up too much space. These would be great! I don't know if I can order them for delivery to Canada though. I'm going to check the website.
Thanks a lot!

Utah MOM OF 7 said...

Very useful! How much were they?

K P said...

The "Natural" water tank is listed at $67.79 and the "Granite" water tank is listed at $73.49.