Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bounce Back From Anything

This morning, while waiting for a doctor's appointment, I picked up a "Woman's Day" magazine, (February 1, 2009 issue.) I read an article in the "Live Well" section entitled "Bounce Back From Anything" that had this to say:

'Anxiety is what we feel when we believe two things: that something bad is about to happen and that we don't have the ability to cope with it,' says Dr. Reivich. To calm those pit-of-the-stomach feelings, focus on the things within your control. 'When you take purposeful action (even if it's cleaning out your closet!), it lowers your anxiety level and puts you in a place mentally where you can take on bigger hurdles,' she says." (Woman's Day Magazine, February 1, 2009, "Bounce Back From Anything", pg. 22.)

I thought how this applies to preparedness. Preparedness brings peace. When we FOCUS on building our food storage and managing our finances (purposeful action), it does help lower our anxiety levels and "puts you in a place mentally where you can take on bigger hurdles." THINK about it -- then DO something -- TODAY. :)

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