Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Food Storage and/or Emergency Preparedness Stimulus GIVEAWAY!

There's always gotta be a first for everything -- right?! So here is my first giveaway (but hopefully not my last.)

Who couldn't use some extra cash to boost their Food Storage and/or Emergency Preparedness? Here's all you gotta do for your chance to win $20 in cash:

1. Share with a family member or friend something you've learned about Food Storage and/or Emergency Preparedness. (So many options: call them on the phone, text them, email them, write a post on your blog, or even talk to them face-to-face. It might spark their interest and help them do something to prepare.)

2. Leave a comment on this post sharing one of your goals for Food Storage and/or Emergency Preparedness. (Ideas: We're working on water storage, or our goal is to get our 3-month supply by ____________, etc. -- There's something about hearing what others are working on that inspires and motivates us to action!)

Easy peasy!

Please post your comment before midnight (MST) Friday, February 13, 2009. On Saturday morning, I'll print the comments received, put them in a bowl, and draw the lucky one out. The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day (Sat., Feb. 14).

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NOTE: I will post the winning comment on Valentine's Day, then that person can email me at: and we'll work out the details. (I respect your privacy and will not share your personal information with anyone.)



Joanna said...

My first goal is to get my three month supply in within three months, then to continue with the food storage, getting a 5, then 7, then 11 month supply up. I'll start seriously storing water as my food storage grows.

Tonya said...

Our first goal is to get our 3 month supply together.We are a family of 6,so this may take us a couple of months.We are on a VERY limited income,but a little progress is still progress,right:)
tmw1223 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I have a number of goals for this year.:)
I would like to purchase a pressure canner and can meat for our 3 month storage. Our food storage room really needs organization, so we're considering the purchase of a Shelf Reliance system for the cans. Water is always an ongoing issue. It never seems like we truly have enough.
I need to get my recipes onto cards and into the binder I have for dishes that don't require foods that need freezing, refrigeration or any fresh ingredients.
Just writing it all down is exhausting! LOL!

Grannie K said...

I have just started organizing my food storage and inventorying it. Now I know where my holes are. I need to work on getting the holes filled and working up some menus for a 72 hour plan.

Kathy said...

We are currently working on our three month supply and building a reserve. I have been trying to spread the preparedness word with a blog for friends and church family at
Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog (preparedness brings peace) I decided with my husband to purchase a manual wheat grinder and 37 lbs of hard red wheat to add to our limited food storage (we are still in college and have a small apt) and learned how to make homemade bread so that my sweetheart and I can still eat yummy, healthy food. It was delicious!


Lynn said...

We've worked extremely hard to get our food storage together last year 2008 and then paid off our debts (except our Mortgage) and now we have completely committed ourselves to spend NO money at all this month of Feb. ( Including a birthday and Valentine's Day), except for our monthly Mortgage and utilities. This is in hopes of breaking some bad habits, see if we can live completely off our food storage, and also save money towards our new goal of building up an emergency savings! YAY! It's almost been 2 weeks, and everyone is still happily on board with us! I love seeing how much our kids (6) are involved with us on this. I am so proud of their efforts. They are sacrificing a lot too.

P.S. I mention EVERYTHING I find about emergency preparedness and food storage with EVERY single member of my stake and my family. I am our Stake's newest Preparedness specialist. Thanks for your help! *wink*

Valli said...

Our current goal is build self-rotating shelves to organize our foodstorage to get an accurate inventory. Corresponding with water storage growth.

Anonymous said...

My food storage goal is to get everything organized, and to see exactly what we have. I think we have 1-2 year food storage, but it is not organized enought to know what the "holes" are. I know that we have plenty wheat, dry milk powder, oats, sugar, beans, ect..., but I`m not sure if we have a 2 year supply of fruits and veggies.
Anyway, Thanks for a great blog!

joy said...

Current goal: Finish a three month supply and find a place to store it all.

Your site is invaluable for us beginners. Thank you!

lowenew at gmail dot com

silverhartgirl said...

My goal is a three month supply. We have a family of 6 and have a one month supply but are trying hard to make it to grow.
I have been talking to my neighbor about being prepard and food storage.

Stephanie said...

I am sharing any new tips and info that I get with my mom and my sister. And they do the same, it's so wonderful that we're all on the same track.

My present goal is to set up a shelving system in our basement for the canned goods we are continuing to stock up on . We need a rotation type shelving system and are working towards that.

jonandsteph said...

Wow! What a fun post. I have so many things I want to do with Preparedness, it would take forever to post. So I will list a few. I have pressure canned some roast and chicken, and would LOVE to do more. (I blogged about it on my blog )

I want to organize all the food and cans we currently have to find out where we are at. (I bought shelves, so now I just need to stock them)

My sister and I are compiling a HUGE list of items we would need/want if we had to become more self-reliant.

I learned more about sprouts last night, and I am now sprouting alfalfa and wheat. :)



Anonymous said...

We've been working on getting our short term supply of food storage, and we're getting closer. We too need to get more organized to see where our holes are, but I love sharing this information with my co-workers and inlaws. This blog is awesome.

We've been working to eat more of our food storage and spend less at the grocery store, and last night we made wheat bread from scratch! How exciting.

Thanks for all your hard work!

~~Deby said...

Actually, the way I am approaching it with my family is slowly---so Itold them this start to prepare as if a earthquake is going to happen any time..which it have bought extra RICE---canned soups--and this next payday---I am taking a percentage of my allowance and adding more to my pantry.
Hope these ideas help
yesipray at gmail dot com

Sue said...

One of my goals is to use some of my food storage every week. This past year I have been grinding and using my hard white wheat. (Baking bread, cinnamon rolls, pancake mix.) I've also been using oats and making granola. I've tried modifying mixes to use whole wheat, powdered milk, powdered eggs and powdered margarine. They still need some fine tuning.

Another goal is to watch for good sales on cereal, meat,etc. and stock up. Two weeks ago, I bought 25 boxes of Life cereal for a dollar a box. (Yea, I know that's a lot of Life cereal!) I am trying to only buy everyday foods when they are on sale. That just leaves fresh produce and dairy items that need to be purchased every week or two. My goal is also to let friends and family in on the sale so they can stock up as well.

I love your blog, it's got some much helpful info!