Saturday, January 3, 2009


This morning I went to Maceys grocery store and found a deal on boneless chicken breasts - a 40 lb. box for $51.60 (1.29 lb.) I bought a box and have begun processing it in pint jars in a pressure canner. I have one batch on the stove at the moment and probably two more batches to go. So far so good.

Other deals at Maceys this morning:
  • 50 lb. Honeyville Hard White Wheat - 16.00 (reg. $30)
  • 6 gallon bucket with lid - 8.49 ea.
  • Gamma lids - 5.99 ea. (reg. 10.99)
  • 5 gallon water jug - 4.50 ea.
  • 55 gallon water barrel - 39.99 ea. (reg. 63.99)
  • Siphon pump - 11.99 ea.
Be on the look-out for deals in your area and be sure to share them with others. Everyone likes to save money. :)

Update: First batch finished!
(I've never canned meat before.
I'm pretty happy right now!)

Yield: 33 pints
LINK for canning chicken


Vikki said...

Would love to link your canning chicken from our food processing blog. Would you please give your recipe? Or perhaps post as a comment to our posting at: Thank you... Vikki

jonandsteph said...

I pressure canned chicken for the first time about a month ago. It was AWESOME! One of the jars didn't seal, so I was able to taste the 'fruits of our labors'. It was TASTY! The chicken was very tender. It was easily shredded...almost the consistency of tuna.

A couple of weeks ago we pressure canned beans. We did red beans, pinto beans and black beans. We tasted the pinto beans. YUM! I hear that pressure cooking or pressure canning old beans might be a way to 'save' them...since if they are too old, they won't soften up, but it would seem pressure cooking them takes care of it. (I haven't tried myself, but was told this information)

K P said...

One of our jars also didn't seal so it is in the refrigerator. We're looking forward to tasting it soon.

We'll have to give beans a try next. Thanks for your feedback!