Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to this blog! Whether this is your first time -- or if you're an occasional browser or an avid follower -- thanks for taking a look! Hopefully, you'll find something worth your time.

January is a time of beginnings. Often resolutions are made and goals are set for the coming year. If becoming better prepared is one of your goals, you've got a friend in me. :)

Some of the things I'll be focusing on this year:

1. Water Storage
2. Three-month supply
3. Longer-term supply
4. 72-hour kit
5. Emergency Car Kits
6. Ways to Use Food Storage

If you'd like to share any ideas or opinions, please leave a comment or contact me at:


Lynn said...

YAY! I am ready to start a NEW year with you! Thanks SO much for all you do!!!!

Vikki @ said...

We enjoy reading your blog. We're doing well on storing, but could always use a LOT more water. Thanks for your posts. Vikki

K P said...

Thanks for your comments!