Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Water Purifiers and Water Storage

One of our goals for 2009 is to get our water storage up to where it needs to be.

For starters, we gave "Seychelle" portable water filtration bottles as Christmas gifts to each member of our immediate family.

Next, we purchased two new 55 gallon water barrels and a pump (they have yet to be washed out and filled with water.) We are still determining the best place to store them.

Then Monday evening my husband took on the huge task of emptying and refilling our 5 gallon water jugs. They had been previously filled on January 17, 1994, so we thought it might be time for some fresh stuff. :)

We've also been saving empty juice bottles, washing them out, and refilling them with tap water.

For more information about water storage check out my previous posts here.

REMEMBER: "Water is more essential in sustaining life than food is, so it is one of the first items you should collect for your food storage." (Source: Ensign, Oct. 1991, pg 71.)


Anonymous said...

I'm good with food storage but water has me puzzled. Now that you have fresh water will you just keep it stored or will you use it and replenish as necessary?

Do you feel the plastic water bottles are OK or do you think you should have stainless steel (I'm referring to the leaching problem with plastic)? I've been reusing plastic bottles, then wash and let air dry before using again. My husband thinks we should buy the stainless bottles so we have started using our stainless travel cups. What to do, What to do?? :)

K P said...

Now that we have fresh water in our 5 gallon jugs we will keep them stored for emergencies. We will most likely change the water out in another 3 to 4 years.

My husband said the water smelled fine, but he did not taste it before he emptied the jugs. The water could have been used for things other than drinking if there had been an emergency (ie. bathing, cleaning, etc.) It also could have been purified for drinking by boiling it first or other purification methods. Storage of SOME water is better than NO water at all.

Sorry, I am not an expert on water -- but I do know a good source for information:

Best wishes in your efforts!