Friday, January 30, 2009

Preparedness Baby Steps

Becoming prepared can be a bit overwhelming at times -- especially if you're looking at the BIG picture. It's a little like trying to eat a whole elephant -- you can do it if you take one bite at a time. Well, lucky for us, someone has cut the task down to bite-size pieces or "Preparedness Baby Steps" in the following areas:
  • 3 Months of Savings in 7 Steps
  • 72-Hour Kits in 10 Steps
  • Car Kits in 10 Steps
  • 2 Weeks of Water in 3 Steps
  • 1 Week Food Supply in 7 Steps
  • 3 Month Food Supply in 10 Steps
  • 1 Year of Food in 20 Steps
Check it out at:

"Just pick an area to work on and do it one step at a time."
(Source: Emergency Preparedness,

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foodstr2 said...

Well, if you've got an ELEPHANT in storage, you're in good shape meat-wise ... just add veggies!