Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dutch Oven - Bread/Biscuits

A few basics:
"Prepare the biscuits by raising, thawing, taking out of the can, mixing up or whatever. SECRET: Place them in a pre-greased, round cake pan that will just fit in your dutch oven. Put 3 pennies in the bottom of your dutch oven and place the pan on the pennies. This creates a dead air space that will make the heat spread evenly. Put on the lid and take a shovel full of coals out of the fire and place in a pile on the ground. Put the dutch oven on the coals and cover the lid to overflowing with hot coals. As you bake, be careful to raise the dutch oven every few minutes and simply rotate the lid and the dutch oven. This will prevent hot spots. Be sure to keep watching and waiting for that magic moment when they brown just right. Take them off of the coals and look at a biscuit. If they aren't done on the bottom, put more coals underneath. If they're doughy in the middle try low heat for awhile. If the tops aren't done add more coals to the top.

COOKING HINTS: This method is good for all baking of any kind of bread. Biscuits, cookies, etc. Remember to be careful of the heat and keep messin'. Be patient, but remember there's only a moment between just right and burned."

(Source: "A Taste of the Old West or Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy and Sourdough Hints" by Ken Benson)

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