Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A friend of mine told me about a grain-like seed that has more iron, calcium and protein than wheat. She shared her information from a Mayo Clinic newsletter. Thanks Lizz!

Amaranth -- This grain-like seed is native to Central America. Amaranth has a peppery, faintly corn-like taste and has more iron, calcium and protein than wheat. It's rich in the building blocks of protein (amino acids) typically lacking in grains.

Nutrients per cooked 1/2-cup serving:
  • Protein -- 4.67 grams
  • Fiber -- 2.6 grams
  • Gluten-free
No two whole grains have the same nutritional profile. Each brings its own mix of nutrients to the table. Plus, for those sensitive to gluten and limited in the grains they can eat, some are gluten-free.

A good thing about trying some different grains is that you don't need to follow a complicated recipe, as they're no more difficult to prepare or use than is rice or dried beans.

(Source: www.HealthLetter.MayoClinic.com)

I found some organic amaranth at Kitchen Kneads. It cost $2.25 per pound and for $3.69 I was able to buy 1.64 lbs. (about 3 cups). The grain is a little smaller than candy sprinkles. It can be cooked as hot cereal, used in soups, as a rice substitute, or ground into flour.

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