Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dutch Oven Cooking

How 'bout giving or receiving a Dutch Oven for Christmas this year? Not only are they great to use year-round, but they are a good alternative source of cooking in an emergency.

Nothing better than a lump of coal to go with your dutch oven(s). See Safely Gathered In for their creative Christmas gift idea of charcoal gift packets.

The following information comes from a handout I received from a Relief Society Homemaking meeting many years ago. Unfortunately, there is no information who to give credit to.

  • Lodge Cast Iron - one of the best brands
  • make sure lid fits, even thickness of walls, no nicks or large metal runs
  • 10-inch or 12-inch best size for starters
SEASONING (Lodge instructions)
  • wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly, using mild soap and stiff brush
  • grease Dutch Oven with thin coating of solid vegetable shortening, warm Dutch Oven then spread shortening over entire surface with paper towel or cloth
  • place Dutch Oven in home oven and heat to 300-350 degrees for 30-60 minutes
  • remove from oven while warm and wipe out excess oil with paper towel
  • 2 briquettes provide 20-25 degrees of heat
  • 3 over, 3 under = 325-350 degrees
  • add 3 briquettes to size of dutch oven for top heat and subtract 3 from size of dutch oven for bottom heat to maintain a 325-350 degree oven
  • 8-inch = 11 briquettes on top, 5 briquettes on bottom
  • 10-inch = 13 briquettes on top, 7 briquettes on bottom
  • 12-inch = 15 briquettes on top, 9 briquettes on bottom
  • 14-inch = 17 briquettes on top, 11 briquettes on bottom
  • 16-inch = 19 briquettes on top, 13 briquettes on bottom
  • 2/3 timing method for breads, rolls, cakes, and pastries, cook with top and bottom heat for 2/3 of time then remove from bottom heat and continue cooking the rest of time with top heat only. This helps to eliminate the black, burnt, bottoms of baked foods.
  • racks and pans
  • long utensils
  • tongs for briquettes
  • small shovel
  • gloves
  • lid holder
  • lid lifter
  • whisk broom
  • stand
  • briquette bucket
  • aluminum foil
  • store in dry, warm place
  • leave lid slightly ajar, prop lid with stick
  • place wadded paper towel or newspaper inside to collect moisture

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