Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dutch Oven - Swiss Type Meats

Swiss meats are the kind with sauce on them. The sauce makes it easier because it eliminates the problem of burning and takes a lot of the guess work out. Simply brown your meat, chicken, or whatever. Pour the oil off. Put your meat back in the dutch oven and add liberal amounts of barbecue sauce, tomato paste, ketchup or whatever type thing you like. Put on the hot coals with coals on top and cook. Stir often.

VARIATIONS: You may use whatever type of liquid or seasoning you like. Be sure to use plenty, because it cooks away. Add mushrooms, onions, peppers, etc.

COOKING TIPS: It will take a lot of heat. The temperature is not really important because it's hard to burn. This will be done quicker than you think, so check often.

(Source: "A Taste of the Old West or Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy and Sourdough Hints" by Ken Benson)

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