Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Self-Rejuvenating Activities

Do you ever get so busy with LIFE that you fail to schedule time for yourself or forget to take time for yourself? It's so important that we take care of ourselves! BALANCE is the remember to be nice to yourself, too. :) Others will be glad you did...because as the saying goes: If mama ain't happy--ain't nobody happy! (It also works to substitute the word "mama" with your own name.)
"Self-rejuvenating activities replenish the soul, calm our emotions, and remind us that life is too important to neglect the things we really love to do."

1. Listen to your favorite music
2. Enjoy a long, warm bubble bath
3. Go for a walk and listen to the sounds of nature on the way
4. Share a hug with a loved one
5. Exercise--even if it is just for 10 minutes
6. Spiritual prayer during which you thank God for your blessings
7. Do stretching exercises--animals do this for a good reason
8. Reflect on positive qualities. "I am ..." List 20 of yours
9. Watch the sunrise or sunset
10. Laugh about something you remember from your past
11. Meditate on a relaxing scene
12. Get a massage
13. Reflect on: "I appreciate..."
14. Write thoughts and feelings in a personal journal
15. Attend a favorite athletic event
16. Do something adventurous
17. Read a book or magazine
18. Sing/hum/whistle a tune from your childhood
19. Swing/slide/teeter totter
20. Play a musical instrument
21. Work with plants (gardening)
22. Learn a new skill through a neighbor or a class
23. Go to a play or movie
24. Ride a bike/motorcycle
25. Make a gourmet meal/dessert
26. Draw/paint a picture
27. Swim/float/wade/relax in a pool
28. Do aerobics or dance
29. Visit a place form your childhood
30. Smile to yourself in the mirror and say, "I love myself."
31. Go horseback riding
32. Reflect on: "My most enjoyable memories are..."
33. Visit a museum or art gallery
34. Practice yoga or Pilates
35. Relax in a whirlpool/sauna
36. Count your blessings: "I am thankful for..."
37. Star gaze
38. Window shop
39. Go to the library
40. Daydream on purpose
41. Go sailing or paddle boating
42. Reward myself with a special gift I can afford (i.e. a music CD)
43. Take a day trip or vacation
44. Create something with clay/pottery
45. Pet an animal
46. Reflect on successes: "I can..."
47. Sew something simple
48. Attend the symphony
49. Write a poem
50. Make a bouquet of flowers
51. Watch the clouds and find shapes in them
52. Visit a park/woods/forest
53. Read positive, motivational literature
54. Reflect on: "What I value most in life..."
55. Phone an old friend
56. Go on a picnic
57. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate
58. Participate in your favorite sport/game/recreation
59. Listen to a relaxation tape
60. Create your own unique list of self-rejuvenating activities"

(Source: Victoria Anderson, PhD and Lois D. Brown, MA, "Be Still," pgs. 92-94)


Anonymous said...

great reminder and thanks for the plethora of ideas! We all need that! Lorie

K P said...

Thanks Lorie! :)