Monday, March 30, 2009

Real Life -- Living It

Life doesn't always go as planned. (I didn't have to tell you that -- did I?!) Read how the Mitchell family chose to deal with a chronic illness and make the best of things in an article entitled "Education Was Our Answer". Very inspiring!

(Source: S. Mitchell, "Education Was Our Answer", Ensign, April 2009, pg. 28-31)


Anonymous said...

excellent article, thanks for sharing. I went to nursing school after my divorce with 5 kids and it WAS a challenge, but has broght many blessings with it. We just never know what the future brings. I, too, am grateful for the village that has helped me to raise my kids during struggling times. If we all stick together and share the blessing/gifts/talents we've been given, we WILL make it through the rougher times..together! It's all about sacrifice,giving, loving and sharing! Lorie

K P said...

Thanks for sharing Lorie! I love your attitude! I agree with you!